Roadrunner Transportation Services

Roadrunner Transportation Systems is a transportation and services provider based in Cudahy, Wisconsin. The company offers a wide range of solutions from customized to international, truckload and domestic.

With a variety of subsidiaries, a network of third-party transportation providers and the help of web-based technology, Roadrunner Transportation is a leader in the transportation business.

Third Party Carriers

Over the years, Roadrunner (RRTS for short) has developed an extended network of third party carriers to help the company meet the needs and demands of its customers. Their network includes small teams and individuals that use their own dedicated transportation equipment.

Thanks to this powerful network, Roadrunner freight capacity is increased and customer needs are met. Today, there are more than 9,000 third-party carriers in Roadrunner’s network.

Roadrunner Trucking Services & Tools

Roadrunner Transportation

There are a number of subsidiaries under Roadrunner Transportation that help the company meet the needs and demands of its customers. These services include:



Intermodal is one of the most effective and economical transportation solutions in the United States and Canada. Roadrunner’s intermodal operations stretch all across the U.S. and Canada to provide flexible drayage services to ensure that customer products move quickly and efficiently.

Roadrunner’s terminals are strategically located within reach of the top U.S. rails and ports for maximum efficiency and reliability.

Subsidiaries that help Roadrunner offer this solution include:

  • Roadrunner Intermodal
  • Wando Transportation
  • Central Cal Transportation
  • Morgan Southern



Roadrunner is one of the top 20 less-than-truckload providers in the industry. With customer-focused services and the ability to offer full-state delivery in the United States and Canada, it’s easy to see why the company has exceled in this department.

In recent years, the company expanded its services to offer transit times for specific days of the week.

RRTS is able to offer this service under their subsidiary, Expedited Freight Systems, Inc.

Warehousing and Consulting

RRTS offers their customers a convenient, single point of distribution for their warehousing and consolidation needs.

In addition, the company also offers packaging, cross-docking and multiple vendor consolidation into the supply chain. All of these services allow RRTS to offer one of the most cost effective distribution programs out there.

Roadrunner creates customized, affordable solutions that allow both small vendors and large companies to take advantage of their services.

Companies under RRTS that offer this service include:

  • Unitrans International
  • Prime Distribution, Inc.

Transportation Management

With Roadrunner Transportation, you can take advantage of a one-stop solution for your transportation and logistics needs.

With advanced capabilities, RRTS allows its customers to reduce its operational costs, focus on its core tasks and improve its customer service. At the same time, customers can greatly improve the efficiency of their supply chain.

Under transportation management, RRTS offers:

  • Dispatch
  • Freight tracking
  • Carrier selection
  • Transportation selection
  • Contract management
  • Cost analysis and reports
  • Freight audit and payment

Roadrunner tracking, in particular, is an invaluable service that helps customers stay on track and ensure that their supply chain is efficient.

Thanks to RRTS’s transportation management services, customers no longer have to rely on several different companies to handle their management and transportation needs.

Subsidiaries that offer this service include:

  • Great Northern
  • Capital Logistics
  • Marisol International
  • GTS
  • Unitrans International
  • Mesca


Roadrunner takes a customer-focused approach to their full truckload service, putting reliability at the top of their priority list.

The RRTS fleet consists of more than 4,000 drivers as well as ICs. With such a large fleet, Roadrunner can handle any shipment, no matter where it’s going or what the deadline is. The RRTS fleet covers the entire U.S. and beyond.

Roadrunner also has the ability to scale their services to meet the needs of their customers and to offer service during peak business times.

Among their many full truckload services are:

  • Step decks
  • Flatbed, including oversized
  • Temperature-controlled trucks
  • Van and dry service

Numerous companies under the RRTS brand offer this service, including:

  • D&E Transport
  • Active Aero Group
  • A&A Express, Inc.
  • Rich Logistics
  • R&M Transportation, Inc.
  • CTW
  • Bruenger Trucking
  • Adrian Carriers
  • DCT
  • Integrated Services
  • Sortinos Transportation, Inc.
  • Roadrunner Specialized
  • Sargent Trucking


RRTS makes the shipping process as simple and stress-free as possible. The goal? To make sure that imports and exports move from their point of origin to their final destination as swiftly and efficiently as possible. International shipping and transportation can get messy.

Without clear communication and a reliable company, shipments can easily get lost in transit or wind up being delayed for days, weeks or months.

Roadrunner’s goal is to make international transportation smooth and simple. Here’s why RRTS is a leader in this industry:

  • Authorized to operate in every Port of Entry in the United States.
  • RRTS is in strict compliance with Customs and government agency requirements.
  • C-TPAT validated NVOCC and IATA.
  • Licensed United States Customs Broker

Roadrunner Transportation’s international companies include:

  • Unitrans International
  • Active Aero Group
  • Marisol International
  • Adrian Carriers

No matter the size of your shipment, where it’s going or when it needs to be there, Roadrunner Transportation Services has the right solution for you. From small and large shipping services to transportation management and international shipping, you’re sure to find a service that meets your needs and budget.

A large network of more than 9,000 third-party service providers and a host of subsidiary companies has helped make Roadrunner one of the leading and most reliable transportation providers in the industry. And as the company continues to expand and incorporate more technological-based solutions, they will continue to grow in the logistics and management departments as well.